NCAA basketball betting: How to make money?

Most people analyze bet boards in the old fashioned way, in the way of learned spreadsheets, and still concentrate on attracting the top 25 teams. 

But to make money, you should change your ways you think about betting

Big names in college baskets like Duke, UNC, Kentucky, etc. Games between ranked teams and conference teams often draw the attention of sports betting, but Asian bookmakers do. Experience can also be expended on a large-scale mid-team or on a team that occasionally appears on national television. Here are the reasons why you should start betting less on popular teams and getting to know more mid-tier teams.

During the NCAA tournament, a new team emerges in the national spotlight each year. When the NBA needed players to complete 1 year of college before playing the league, teams like Kentucky were hiring magnets for top talent. Coach K and Duke had taken a few years to apply this mentality, and it paid off in the season before they won the league championship. What changed after the season was over?

Duke took the top 3 of their latest recruiting team, which was drawn up in round 1 of the 2015 NBA Draft. A smart tip to keep in mind is to study teams on rosters and the history of players. The seasoned squad is a wonderful team to bet on.

The above is only a slight portion of what college basketball bookmakers and bettors are going to do when making bets. Professional players rely on soft lines and watchers, often for lesser-known clubs, not just the most famous. 

But next time you’re researching college basketball, don’t ignore what the above essay was all about and look for principles in the less popular football teams. I’d love to have you join me and make a commitment to win some money this season. Good luck to you!