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NCAA basketball betting: How to make money?

Most people analyze bet boards in the old fashioned way, in the way of learned spreadsheets, and still concentrate on attracting the top 25 teams.  Big names in college baskets like Duke, UNC, Kentucky, etc. Games between ranked teams and

NCAA March Madness-A collection of colorful racing shoes

In the US the time from the second week of March to the first week of April is the sprint period for the American College Basketball Tournament (NCAA).  In March of this year the 68 most dominant NCAA teams met

Five fascinating questions about the “Giant Beast” Zion Williamson is shaking up the online community

Zion Williamson is now a sensation at the NCAA Student Basketball Tournament with a deeper and more resilient playing style In the last two years, Zion Williamson has been a very popular figure in the online world. Williamson ‘s giant