Perhaps it was because of the sneakers that Nike acquired Zion Williamson

Since the malfunctioning Nike boot caused the injuries to Zion Williamson, it may have opened the chance for Nike to win the hearts of a promising youngster. 

Referring to Zion Williamson, many viewers will instantly recall this player’s Nike PG 2.5 shoe being ripped off on national television. 

Just 33 seconds after the ball was thrown in the middle of the field for the match between the Duke and North Carolina, Zion’s shoe was “exploded” Williamson’s leg swept into the shoe and fell, resulting in a minor knee injury six months ago. 

The basketball universe was surprised by this tragedy when the NCAA and the NBA became highly involved in the incident. Subsequently, Nike’s shares plummeted, costing the sportswear giant more than $1 billion off the stock exchange.

Along with this event, there’s a series of reports involving Nike and Zion Williamson

A lot of people thought it was the last time Zion wore a Nike shoe to play professionally. However, all was extinguished when New Orleans rookie Pelicans formally joined the Nike squad about a week ago. 

After being picked for NBA Draft #1, Zion Williamson signed a $75 million sponsorship contract with Jordan Brand, rejecting bids of more than $100 million from other brands including Li-Ning or PUMA. 

It’s a very sudden decision. However according to ESPN, it was the shoe that exploded in February that gave Nike the chance to crush Zion Williamson.

Strangely enough, the worst moment of Zion Williamson in a Nike shoe turned into one of the brand’s greatest moments. Just 33 seconds after the action, when Zion’s PG 2.5 shoe ripped off. Nike was inadvertently facilitated to express compassion and help for Williamson, the most awaited college basketball between Duke and North Carolina.

First, Nike immediately sent his senior officials to speak with Zion Williamson and Duke University in person to apologise. After that, Zion was reissued with exceptionally special shoes with a higher resistance for the rest of the NCAA season.

Despite providing a lot of money from other large brands including PUMA, Li-Ning or Anta, Zion Williamson agreed to sign a lower value deal with Jordan Brand, Nike’s sub-brand.