The Farm

We are William and Lisa Dyck and we are dairy farmers. Our 1,000 acre farm, Cornell Dairy, is North East of Winnipeg, between Beausejour and Anola, Manitoba. We are second generation dairy farmers. The farm was named after William's dad, Cornelius. The 50-year-old farm is home to 275 Holsteins (that includes cows, heifers and calves), two dogs, one cat, and four humans.

We milk 120 cows every day, twice a day, 365 days a year. That's a lot of milking! Almost 98,000 litres per month's worth.

Be kind to your cows

Cows are people too! We believe in the ethical treatment of all animals. Our cows live in a loose-housing barn and have full access to outside if the weather's fine. They spend lots of time roaming around and grazing. They have 24-hour access to food and water and we deliver fresh food to them three times a day.  We feed our cows food that we grow on our farm so we know exactly what goes into it.  

When it's time to snuggle in for the night, our bovine beauties sleep on clean and comfortable sand mattresses that are covered in sand. The pampered gals even receive "hoovicures" twice a year. Cow glamour shots coming soon! 

Each of our cows have three names, one after her farm, her given name and her sire name. For example, we have Cornell Jenna Toystory. Each one is purebred and registered with Holstein Canada.

Dairy story

Like all dairy farms across Canada, our farm is part of the Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) program. The purpose of the program is provide Canadians with the highest quality and safety of milk. Each farm is family-owned in Canada and the milk is safe to drink. 



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