Question, Comment, Facts and Fiction

What a year this has been! We are overwhelmed and so pleased with the support of Cornell Creme. We love hearing from customers and fans of our ice cream. 

We are finding we are receiving repetitive questions and decided to blog about it. Maybe writing here will answers some questions people have about our ice cream.

We started making ice cream because we wanted to make the best tasting ice cream from our farm's milk. We support ethical ideals such as sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, Fair Trade, Non-GMO and Kosher. Every ingredient we use is sourced with thought and effort. We want to make sure we feel good about the product we are making as well as contributing to an ethically sound environment. 

We have received many questions about allergies. We do list the allergens on our labels (milk, eggs and may have contact with tree nuts/nuts). Currently we are not certified nut-free as the plant we co-share is not certified nut-free. We are making plans to upscale production and move to another facility. If our dreams come true we will be able to be certified nut-free with the move. 

 Our ice cream is Gluten Free with the exception of the Malty Ale Pail. It is made with beer that is made from barley. 

Suggestions for new flavours. Thank you! We love suggestions and if we feel we can make the suggested flavours in our line-up we will certainly do this. Keep them coming! You are our valued customers and we appreciate your support. We hope you find enjoyment from eating our ice cream and tell your friends about it. 


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