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We handcraft delicious artisan ice cream using single-source milk from our farm in Manitoba. 

I try to be the person my dog thinks I am

I love my dogs. They are an extension of our family.

Our dogs Murphy and Charlie are both rescue pets.  Murphy is a golden Lab/St.Bernard mix breed. He was abandoned as a puppy, left in a church parking lot.  We adopted him ten years ago and have never looked back. He is the best dog!  

Charlie the Dachshund came into our family two years ago. He was found running along a rural highway by the local police. We are not sure how long he had been on the run for, but he was literally skin and bones when he was rescued. He was also missing most of his teeth!  We took him in and cared for him, bringing him back to optimum health.

Charlie is our special member of the family. He likes to bark at light and sometimes stares at the wall. We wish they could both talk so we could know where they came from. The mystery may never be solved but the end result is we are so happy to provide a safe home for these two guys. They provide endless hours of love and affection to our family. 

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help out with a great cause and could not say no. Winnipeg Pet Rescue was in need of help and the community came together.  Market Burger, 645 Corydon, hosted a day where 100% of the sales from Farmery Brewery Beer, burgers/fries and Cornell Creme ice cream were donated to Pet Rescue. We thank everyone involved and to everyone that donated. Over $1300 was raised! Awesome. 

For more information about Winnipeg Pet Rescue you can click here. Check them out and consider a donation, or adopting a new family member. 


I was pretending I had fallen but the dogs were more interested in the bacon frying on the stove. :)

I was pretending I had fallen but the dogs were more interested in the bacon frying on the stove. :)

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