Merry Christmas * Joyeux Noël

You know the saying about being 'good' so Santa will keep you on his list to receive gifts at Christmas? We have our own list of people that have made 2013 a fantastic year for us! Too many to name, we want everyone to know that we appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We live in a great province, with so many generous people. People that never hesitate to give of their time, money or ideas.  This is the true spirit of Christmas. We hope this Christmas season you will find the warmth of the giving spirit and a renewed energy.  

We are humbled to see our customers purchasing Cornell Creme as gifts for their loved ones. What a joy! This is what we wanted to achieve, a product that earns the right to be a gift that will bring smiles to the faces of the receiver. That is our gift! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas & may 2014 be the Happiest New Year! 



Lisa & Family 


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