Requirements for NCAA Football Players

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non-profit organization that recruits players and also holds tournaments for different organizations. Football is a priority for the organization and championships are held annually. To be sponsored by the organization and take part in the tournaments, players need to show more than athletic ability. Here are a couple of things that coaches seek in their recruits.

Physical and Psychological Toughness

Although it is a game, playing football is serious business. How tough a player becomes, physically or psychologically, is very important when choosing a suitable player. Physical strength is required for players to last long in the field. Mental toughness is also important to determine how players react after they make mistakes. How a player responds after they miss a goal or tackle another player is essential. Players who learn from their mistakes and not dwell on them are ideal.


Most athletes are open to being coached, but as time goes by and they become better, they do not see the need. Players who understand that they still have room for improvement and appreciate their coaches have more chance of achieving excellence. Remaining humble, no matter how good a player becomes, shows that they are ready to gain more success. Therefore, recruits have to show that they are coachable and that they appreciate their coach.


To be picked by the NCAA, a player has to have high grades too. For the athletic department, a player who has excellent grades has an advantage, because the student is likely to get scholarships that save the department some funds. Getting good grades is a plus for players as well, as it increases their chances of getting scholarships from multiple colleges. Also, with good grades, coaches can see the work ethic in the players and their determination to succeed at everything they do.