Cornell Creme

Farm-fresh Manitoba ice cream

We handcraft delicious artisan ice cream using single-source milk from our farm in Manitoba. 

In The Field

Cows are people too! We believe in the ethical treatment of all animals. Our cows live in a loose-housing barn and have full access to outside if the weather's fine. They spend lots of time roaming around and grazing. They have 24-hour access to food and water and we deliver fresh food to them three times a day. We feed our cows food that we grow on our farm so we know exactly what goes into it

Our Kitchen

Cornell Creme makes farm-fresh Manitoba ice cream. Milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Those are the base ingredients for every ice cream we make. We don't use fillers or stabilizers or any other ingredients that are hard to pronounce. We like to keep it simple.

Fall Picnic

Cornell Creme makes delicious artisan ice cream using milk from our own farm in Manitoba. The ice cream is now on the shelves in select stores and restaurants around Winnipeg!

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