Is your ice cream Gluten Free? 

Our ice cream is gluten-free except for our Stir Stick Stout. (Beer)

Is there a risk for nut allergies? 

Our ice cream is currently made in a facility that is not certified nut-free. We hope to become a nut-free certified company in the future.

Can you make special flavours for me? 

Due to an increased demand for our product, we unfortunately cannot make special flavours for individuals at this time. 

Where is your nutritional information?

We are working on adding our nutritional panel information to our website. Currently every liter of our ice cream has the nutritional information on it. 

Why are some flavour colourings pale?

We do not use red dye extracts or colouring in our ice cream. All of our extracts are Kosher and Gluten-Free.

GMO and Ethical Treatment?

On our farm our cows live in a free stall barn, which means they are free to walk around, with access to the outdoors. They receive top quality feed and water, available to them 24/7. Our cows are treated like the dairy queens!  We grow what we feed our cows. That includes growing non-GMO corn. 

Other facts and information:

Our ice cream is made at a CFIA approved facility, which guarantees food safety and quality.

We make our ice cream in small batches at this time and our containers are filled by hand.

Some comments we have received are about lactose intolerance. Some people can actually eat our ice cream after thinking they are lactose intolerant. This could be related to NO preservatives or fillers in our ice cream. (*always check with your doctor about allergies, lactose intolerance or gluten allergy if you think you are. You can be tested for all)  Our product is dairy so if you are lactose intolerant you will not be able to eat our ice cream. We currently do not make a lactose-free ice cream. 

Our cows are supplemented with LinPro-R feed which is a flax derived protein supplement. This means our milk is enriched with Omega 3s. 

Our ice cream is a super premium product (aka not low fat). We believe life is about balance and ice cream should be considered a treat! 

We thank everyone for their constant support in our journey for bringing the highest quality, best tasting ice cream to you! 



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