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What's in a name?

What's in a name? Our company is called "Cornell Creme". When I started my company back in 2012, things happened very quickly but organically. I was asked, 'what will you name your company?' 

We own a dairy farm. That means we get to milk cows that produce the milk that goes into our ice cream. I started making ice cream in my kitchen in July of 2012, after that I moved to a commercial kitchen in a restaurant. The restaurant was located in Osborne Village in the great city of Winnipeg. The ice cream quickly became a popular treat. Customers loved hearing about how a dairy farmer was using milk straight from her own farm to make ice cream into a locally produced food. I loved the idea that my ice cream could be produced locally and contribute to a low-carbon footprint. We were placed on a top 15 sustainable companies in Manitoba by L'Autre Couleur digital magazine, in 2016. 

As word-of-mouth got our story out, the demand grew for our ice cream. I did some research, formulations and by May 2013 our ice cream was available in retails stores. 14 stores contacted us to carry our product. It is still the same in 2017, we are in over 68 stores, 3 distributors and stores still contact us to carry our product. In the food world that isn't always the case. I contribute it to my passion to create the best tasting ice cream and the fact that people love to support local. We are so grateful for the support and always will be. 

As I had mentioned, things moved very quickly. I had to formulate not only ice cream recipes to upscale but also a name for my company. I decided to use Cornell Creme. My in-laws started our dairy farm, Cornell Dairy Farms over 50 years ago. I wanted to bring things back to focus on the farm and agriculture. The main reason we use a cow in our logo. That is a constant reminder of where the ice cream comes from.

We ship the raw milk to the processing plant. Which means we use the freshest ingredients like milk, cream, eggs, sugar. We partnered up with local companies and use local ingredients when we can. Like DeLucas coffee. We formulated a delicious espresso coffee ice cream. Our beer ice cream and wine ice cream is also made with beer and wine from local companies in Manitoba. We started with four basic flavours, Vanilla Bean, Velvety Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry White Chocolate and Lemon Meringue. We also like to use fresh Manitoba grown strawberries in our Strawberry and Cream.  

There is nothing better than that, in our eyes. We are so blessed to have a bounty of wonderful food companies right here in our province. It's a privilege to collaborate with them. With the freshest ingredients, local, we can provide the best tasting ice cream that we can make. We continue to make progress in taking on more stores and our ultimate dream was always to have our very own Cornell Creme Scoop Shop.

We hope when you see the Cornell Creme logo you can be reminded of the most important factor, the cows. For this is where delicious ice cream is from, if we didn't have the cows we wouldn't have the treat! 








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