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When I was a teen I remember seeing a fridge magnet, and it struck me as being extremely cute / clever. It was a picture of a cow reading a newspaper. The simple title to the picture was "Entremanure". Of course I had to buy it. This was long before I married a farmer, became a farmer and an entrepreneur. 

Funny how little things guide us along our path in life. They say and I do believe, you are what you think. Your thoughts shape your life. You see it in successful people, athletes, entrepreneurs. What their thoughts focus on they eventually become. I can accept the title of 'entrepreneur'. I do however, struggle with the title of 'female entrepreneur'.  To label myself as female as opposed to just entrepreneur seemingly implies I am different because I am a woman. As our current Prime Minister resonated with so many Canadians, when he replied upon being questioned as to why a gender-balanced cabinet, "because it's 2015". 

I have never thought I could not do something because I was 'just a girl'. I was indeed told on many occasion I could not do something because I was a girl. (Or that I would make a good wife one day because I knew how to serve a bowl of soup.) 

I never let that be a hinderance.  Maybe it was because I grew up with a father that did not treat his 4 daughters any different than if he had 4 sons. We were taught to drive trucks, fish, hold a gun, drive a boat, fly a plane or anything that we wanted to attempt to do. I think my dad was the original thought to the tagline of "just do it". He literally put me in his truck and told me to drive it home before I was legal to drive. I said 'but dad how?" He said "just do it". Of course he would not have let me drive if he didn't think I could do it, he knew I could. It was a short distance but I was still scared. The only thing that kept me going was the confidence he gave me. He believed in me which made me believe in myself.

I am not against being labelled a strong, independent business woman. I do caution over-using these labels. I think to make a distinction weakens our place on the world stage. As if, because we are women, we should have an advantage over men in the business world. We don't.

I don't want to overcomplicate this, all I want to bring to this blog is: I am woman, yes. I own 2 businesses, yes. I have gone to places where others have not. Being a woman doesn't make it easier or harder for me. It all comes down to confidence. If you have someone that believes in what you are doing or just have the strength to belive in yourself, makes all the difference. Tune out naysayers and negative nancy's.

You can do it.  ~Enjoy 



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