Forward thinking

Life is about moving forward. We, as human beings, are in constant motion. That is until we die.

When I decided to start this business of making ice cream, I didn't do it for 'fame' or money. Certainly not the money part because you do not even begin to make money for the first five years of being in business. (So I am told). Year two and counting...

I wanted to make quality food and educate people from where their food came from. So far operating this business has brought me many tears, joys and small setbacks. It is definitely a roller coaster ride. I suppose today's blog isn't so much about the mechanical part to a business but more about the feelings/emotions of business. 

I always put my best foot forward in everything I do, otherwise I see it as a mute point. Why bother? 

Recently I had the displeasure of a chance encounter on social media. I was attacked, out of nowhere, by (what I like to call), a radicalized vegan. Without going into all the details, this vegan made it very clear on his position on farms and farmers. I would say it's fair to assume he hates farmers. I was shocked. After years of being surrounded by farmers in my family and ultimately marrying one, how could a person actually hate a farmer? Farmers work their entire lives to feed people and provide food. They ranked high on the list of most trusted people/professions. How could someone hate the hand that feeds them? This person went on to say that I, because of my association with the farm, am okay with rape. What? When I dug a bit further, it seems there are some people out there that believe a farmer's part in artificial insemination of cows is like rape. Let's stop that train right there. If you knew anything about me, you would never allege I am okay with rape or even the mere mention of that word.

Careful how you throw words around or what you throw at people. That offended me deeply and I told this person that. He did not seem to care. He only wanted to make his point and bully me into his way of belief. Number 1. I will not be bullied. Number 2. Never accuse someone of rape. It's not acceptable in this day and age.

Farmer's are involved in animal husbandry on their farms. They are keepers of the land and animals. I am aware that not every farm is handled with care but the odd case of animal abuse is not the norm for today's farms in Canada. 98% of dairy farms in Canada are family owned. I've watched my farmer cry over the death of a cow and spend his whole life dedicated to taking care of his herd. He knows every cow by name and knows each cow by personality. The very first thing he does in the morning is get out of bed to feed/milk his cows. When the cows are taken care of, he finally rests and feeds himself. His day starts by 5 a.m. and often doesn't end until 8 p.m.  His day, week, month is dedicated to the care of his herd. He doesn't take holidays nor is he given six weeks of paid vacation. He is proud of his pure bred herd and takes pride in the raising of his own. 

I have always been respectful of other people's beliefs. If you choose to live a vegan lifestyle that is up to you. I would never bully someone into eating meat. I grew up with a hunter father and watched him have the same respect for animals. Yes, he hunted them but he also cared for them. My dad had a way with animals. He loved them but was so thankful that they could feed him. To live a vegan lifestyle is not for everyone. 

 Farming is a noble lifestyle. We will continue to keep doing what we do, making no excuses, that we are proud of what we do. We feed the world and we are privileged to do so. We take great care of our land and the animals. I cannot judge anyone but ourselves. There are bad farms just like there are bad vegans. Let's try to live here on Earth in peace and support one another. Keep each other in check but in a healthy way. Not bullying others into radicalized ideologies. Check the facts and research the truths. Base your opinions on factual evidence not "it's true because I watched a video on the Internet". Or here's a crazy idea: Visit a farm. 

I'm dedicating this blog to my dad. He taught me how to respect nature and the land on which we live. 



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