Napkins & Ice Cream

Growing up in a small town you get a taste of what it is like to be a celebrity. Everyone knows your name and knows what you did the night before. Lately, I have had the privilege of being in the media spotlight a bit here and there. It was a matter of time before I was recognized by strangers in public places. Which wasn't a foreign concept to me because I grew up in that small town. The thing that I could not foresee was being labelled 'the ice cream lady'. 

As I reflect back in my years and previous jobs, I see that my past has lead me to where I am today. In high school we took a test to see what we were suited to do in life. (ie. career or job wise.) Most of my peers received results such as "lawyer, doctor, nurse or teacher". I stared at my paper with the words "work in a napkin factory". I had to laugh. It wasn't just "work in a factory", it was very specific to "napkin". I envisioned my uniform I would wear to my job as a napkin factory worker and what kind of car I would drive. Of course it makes sense today. The point being, we don't know what were are meant to be. Life is a journey destination. It's meant to enjoyed along the way. We all have a calling for something and it's up to us to appreciate the opportunities as they come. If I was negative to any of my job offers of past, I would not have had the proper training needed to bring me to current day. Which is owning my own company and a label of 'ice cream lady'. 

As I celebrate my 46th year on this beautiful planet tomorrow, I will give my thank you's and vow to do my best in this continuous journey of life. Believe in yourself & dream big. 


~Enjoy - Lisa

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