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Is there a difference between Cornell Creme ice cream and other brands? We like to think so and in fact, we know so. Yes, we are local but there is more to our ice cream than the local factor. We use real cream, skim milk, egg yolks (not powdered), sugar and real ingredients like fresh juice or real beer. There is a low overrun in our ice cream, which means there is not as much air pumped into our ice cream as other brands. If you buy a liter of our ice cream it should have weight to it. 

We are writing about this because it's come to our attention that sometimes our ice cream may be substituted with other brands. We understand that sometimes our ice cream is in high demand and an establishment may run out before we can restock. Which is fair but we would appreciate it if the ice cream being served is not assumed to be Cornell Creme. If we wanted to make ice cream like every other brand out there, we would. There is a lot of work that goes into our ice cream and we are extremely proud of the product we make.  We feel it is not fair to the consumers if they are tricked into thinking they are eating Cornell Creme when it's not. To us ice cream is not just ice cream. We feel there is a definite distinction between us and other brands. We go out of our way to make it the best ice cream.  

How to know what is real Cornell Creme? One way to test the vanilla is look for the black specks in the ice cream. We use the best quality vanilla beans. Most companies do not because they are expensive. The other distinction should be taste. The vanilla flavour comes through strong in our ice cream because we again, use the best vanilla extracts. The ice cream will melt smooth in your mouth and taste very creamy. There should be no after taste. One very important factor to our ice cream is that we do not use artificial ingredients or preservatives. This one concerns us because some people have allergies to these ingredients and could get sick if they were to eat anything else, thinking it was Cornell Creme. 

Our line up of flavours are Raspberry with white chocolate, Strawberry & Cream, Lemon Meringue, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle (very rich chocolate taste), Malty Ale Pail (beer), Red Red Wine (real wine). We also make a special order Chocolate Birch ice cream. We have new flavours coming out soon. They will be announced and listed as they are produced. 

Bottom line is we pride ourselves with making sure our ice cream is nothing but the best. We hope you find this useful and be wary of other ice cream being passed on as Cornell Creme. If you are not sure, ask. 



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