A dollar for your food thoughts

We all love a deal and to stretch our dollar when it comes to purchasing. (I know I do)

One of my previous jobs was at a furniture manufacturing company. One of our sales rep told me that you will always see furniture on 'sale' for prices that end in '99'. He said if you list something as $299 people will think they are getting a bargain. Works on me, every single time! When I see something listed as $299 I think I'm getting a deal. When it comes to our ice cream we prefer not to use tricks or smoke/mirrors.....

"I love your ice cream but it's so expensive"

Granted the retail pricing of $10.99-$12.00 for one liter of ice cream may seem hard to swallow. Let's break down pricing and discuss. When you are comparing pricing, consider quality, ingredients and sizing. Some ice cream is only sold in 500ml containers. I've seen pricing at $5.99-$7.99 for that size. If you buy 2 to equate to one liter, you would in fact, be paying close to $16/liter for the ice cream. Scoop shops charge anywhere from $1.50/scoop to $2.00/scoop. If there are the minimum 8 servings in one liter that would be  $16/liter. I've seen scoop shops were the price of one scoop was $5.00. If there are 8 servings to one liter that would be a whopping $40/liter. If you do the math: our ice cream is sold at the highest $12/liter and if you were to get 8 scoops out of one liter that would be $1.50/scoop. Or about what you pay at your local scoop shop. Yes, there are cheaper ice creams but consider the ingredients and the amount of air in the product. 

We are committed to quality and the best ingredients. For the best, unfortunately, you have to pay more. We only use cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks and extracts that are either organic or kosher certified. One main ingredient in many ice creams is carrageenan. Carrageenan adds texture and volume to dairy products. It basically can replace the use of egg yolks. Egg yolks are more expensive to use in making ice cream. For personal preference we use whole egg yolks, not powdered ones and zero carrageenan. 

Our ice cream also has a very low overrun. Overrun means the amount of air that is pumped into ice cream. Which means if the overrun is high (lighter ice cream) you will be paying for more air in the product. You do get what you pay for but we believe when comparing prices you may actually be getting a little more than you are paying for with our ice cream. 

As they say money can't buy happiness but it can buy ice cream. We think it's the same thing. ~Enjoy

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