Healthy cows and Omega-3s

How important is the health of our dairy cows?

To a dairy farmer the health of his or her cows is number one.  Farmers work very hard to make sure their cows are fed top quality feed and that they receive the best care. On our farm, Cornell Dairy, we started using a protein/feed supplement called LinPro-R from O&T Farms. It is derived from flax and a very good source of Omega-3s. What does this mean for our cows and milk? 

We are experiencing first hand the health benefits in our cows. Their coats are shiny and overall health has improved significantly since we started using LinPro-R. This is exciting for Cornell Creme because of the added health benefits of Omega-s enriched milk which we use to make our ice cream.  We are working with O&T Farms, on a continuous basis, to test our milk for Omega-3s and milk quality. We are committed to quality that starts at our farm and ends at your bowl.  

For more information on Omega-3s and the work of O&T Farms check out their website  or click below and you will be redirected to the site.


'It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.' -Mahatma Gandhi 



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