To be or not to be

We are well into 2014 and are pleased with how things are moving along. We pride ourselves in making the best the ice cream for our customers. We do not proclaim to be ice cream masters but what we do proclaim is to make a premium ice cream from pure, natural ingredients. We feel using the purest ingredients is the best way for flavour to shine. We have been well received, feeling blessed by the response from our customers. 

This brings us to a crossroad. We are making plans to upscale. It is an intimidating move. There is so much involved to make sure everything is done properly. We do not want to drop the ice cream scoop along the way.  Along with small doubts we have great excitement about the future. 

We do not know all the details just yet, nor do we need to. What we do know is we love what we do and we have the commitment to keep going. If all works out as it is suppose to, we will see a growth in our company for the new year. 

For now our ice cream will continue on as it has. We have plenty of inventory for our stores and even time to develop new flavours, which will be released during the year. 

Thank you for the support, we could not do this without you. (Nor would we want to). 



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