Plant the seed & reap the harvest

As farmers we have to be careful what seeds we plant. We do not want to plant a radish seed if we are wishing to harvest corn.  

In business, I see many opportunities for planting seeds and reaping the harvest.  When I started this company I was introduced to many people. One person, in particular, I 'had' to meet. (According to  a friend).

I was excited to meet the new person and thought there was a chance to do business together.  As quickly as I shook this person's hand, I was shot down.  As we are both local, other people thought it was be a natural fit I use their products.  As they were not interested, I moved on. 

Recently this same person has come across my path again. This time, in mention, to words uttered in a social media context.  As I read the words, I quickly realized this person was talking negatively about another local business that has seen some recent public success.  I pondered the words. In social media, we tend to believe we can say whatever we wish, all in the spirit of freedom-of-speech. No harm, no foul. 

I say otherwise.  The impact of the negative words planted a very disturbing seed. The words came from a place of envy which will not bring growth to that person's business. When we say words we must realize the impact they have and how they will affect our business. We are here to learn from one another and encourage one another. Networking plays an important part in the growth of a business, even in competition. I see missed opportunities here for the negative party, which could potentially be a missed harvest. 

"Envy is an ugly outfit that looks bad on everyone".  ~Be kind. Be wise. 

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