Harvest Sun Music Festival and Small (Big) Towns

We were thrilled to be asked to be part of the Harvest Sun Music Festival in Kelwood, MB this past weekend. We had a great weekend, selling ice cream and meeting new people.  Supper in the Field was on Saturday evening and they featured Cornell Creme ice cream on the menu. They made ice cream sandwiches. YUM.  The food, the music, the people made for a perfect weekend.   

At one point during the weekend someone came up to me and asked, "what's with Anola?" She was referring to the fact that Cornell Creme and Al Simmons are from Anola.  Don Amero organizes the Anola Little Music Festival. They were all part of the Harvest Sun Music Festival. Cornell Creme provided ice cream; Don Amero (award winning singer/musician) and Al Simmons (award winning child's entertainer/singer) provided entertainment. Don is a Juno Award Nominee and Al is a Juno Award Winner.  Anola, MB is also the hometown to Corey Koskie ( a former major league baseball third baseman) and Darry Crumb (Top Chef Canada/first season). 

As I pondered this question it came to me that Anola is a place where people live in semi-seclusion.  Anola is a town but spread across beautiful little nooks and crannies hidden in tree-lined lots.  Maybe the secret is in living here people have the freedom to dream. Imagine not being afraid of trying to do what you love because no one ever said "you can't do that". 

 Dream big. Have faith. Be brave.  


Anola, Manitoba, Canada

is a small town located 24 km east of Winnipeg, 40km north of Steinbach in the municipality of Springfield. It was first established in 1907 as a railroad stop. Its name is derived from the word "knoll," meaning a hill or mound, which the community is built on. Approximately 200 people live within its limits, but many people in surrounding areas/developments consider themselves to be part of Anola.




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