Love where you live

It's been a whirlwind few months since I started making ice cream. I needed to take some time to reflect! This is turning out to be a beautiful summer weather wise. Which makes me appreciate where I live.  I love seeing the crops grow and know that we are lucky to be able to grow our own feed for our cows. Which turns into making food for people.

I had the chance to attend the Winnipeg Folk Festival the other night.  I hope that everyone has a chance to attend this great festival at least once during their lifetime. Not only for the great music, entertainment but to support the local food vendors. We were asked to provide ice cream for ice cream sandwiches this year. Nice feeling that so many people will get to experience the taste of our ice cream! 

My other thought to Folk Festival was, 'what if everyday life was like this?'  Everyone is so accepting of each other, anything goes, so to say. People gather together in numbers of the thousands range. People eat together, camp together for four-five days straight. The things you see there make you go 'hmmm' but in a good way. The kindness and acceptance it should in real life. Everyday. 

 When I started to formulate Cornell Creme as a company, my first thought was to keep it simple. Old fashioned but in a new way. The new way in life is more tolerance to each other's ideas, acceptance, grace, kindness and good deeds. Also, taking time for yourself to enjoy the simple things in life. Include ice cream in that thought. I love ice cream and will always love it. It is part of the simple, joyful things in this life. 

Love where you live.  

Relax. Renew. Enjoy.


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