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Cornell Creme has completed the 2013 ice cream technology course. This course is taught by Professor Doug Goff. You can read about him here University of Guelph link. The course is only 1 of 2 offered in the world. It was a great experience to study under Professor Goff. He has more knowledge of ice cream & science than anyone we have met. We are pleased to be officially certified in ice cream technology. An important stepping stone to following our dreams. 


While we were away we found out that we made this great list Ace Burpee's 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans 2013.  What an absolute honour.  We were excited to meet Ace in person. He is undeniably a big celebrity in Winnipeg and all around great human being. He makes Manitoba very proud. The best thing is that he is grounded. He treats everyone the same.  Regardless of status, race, career, etc. These are values which we deem ultra-important in living life. He is also one of a trio (Chrissy Troy, LTI and Ace Burpee) of the best morning show on radio, Virgin 1031 FM. They will put a smile on your face. Every. Single. Day.  With their infectious laughter and positive attitudes, they are a winning combination. They also do a load of charity work outside their already busy lives. 


Life lessons:

1. Never stop learning and asking questions. (No question is silly)

2. Always appreciate your past/history. (No matter how many hardships)

3. Live in the moment of today. (Stop once a day to recognize something awesome)

4. Work towards your future. (Your future, not someone else's. You are unique)

5. Be positive. (This will carry you through so many details. Big or small)

6. Be nice. (Keep it simple) 


* Most importantly  - When life throws lemons, eat ice cream.  ~Enjoy - Lisa

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